Drawing has been my passion since childhood, and I'm grateful for God's mercy in my life. Although I never had formal training, I stumbled into the advertising graphic design industry at a young age. From the pre-digital era to today's AI age, I've been fortunate enough to win international gold awards for my graphic creative work. On my birthday in 2019, I wished for a more vibrant, interesting, and gracious life ahead. Little did I know, COVID-19 was just around the corner. Despite the losses we've faced in the past three years, I believe we've gained more than we realize. During the pandemic, I rediscovered my love for watercolors from high school, and it's brought me immense joy. Those international gold medals I once prized now seem outdated, but my watercolor paintings bring me peace and happiness. I hope to continue exploring watercolor painting in the future. I appreciate the small pleasures in life and cherish every moment. Every experience forms a mental snapshot, giving me endless inspiration to draw. When I paint, I capture the beauty I see, not just the object itself. Friends who appreciate my art often share my perspective. Music is another passion of mine; playing the guitar and singing liberates me, transporting me to another dimension. I'm unapologetically myself, and I love spending time with family and friends, sharing laughter, stories, and good times over drinks, music, and conversation - it's the greatest happiness God has given me.


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